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Caribbean Student Association

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About CaribSA

   "Love, Unity, and Prosperity Through Cultural Awareness"

Welcome to Our Page!

Here you can find out about our upcoming events in our newsletter, our different socials, what we like to do and how much fun we have!

The Caribbean Students Association (CaribSA), a special interest group, was founded in 1977 as a means to unite Caribbean students at the University of Florida. As a student run organization CaribSA strives to further the cultural exchange between Caribbean nationals and all other students at the University of Florida. The members of CaribSA represent nations throughout the entire Caribbean, Central and South America. Members include international students, permanent residents and US citizens, and as a result could fill different needs within multinational and national corporations.

CaribSA strives to promote harmonious coexistence and understanding of our diverse heritage, which comes from a wide variety of religions, races and creeds. As a major force on campus, CaribSA, with more than 540+ members, aims to educate the rest of the campus and surrounding areas about our region. In doing so CaribSA creates a better understanding and appreciation of the Caribbean culture, as well as providing educational and social activities. CaribSA sponsors more than a dozen programs each year, such as our Annual Fashion Talent Show Extravaganza, Multi-Cultural Showcase, educational forums, Mr. & Miss CaribSA Pageant, and numerous community service projects. In addition, CaribSA sponsors a family each year at Thanksgiving and Christmas time where gifts and foods are provided for the entire family and each semester CaribSA donates more than $300 worth of school supplies to children in the Caribbean. Our strong reputation across campus, community, and the State of Florida led to CaribSA being awarded Student Organization-of-the-Year 2002 and 2007.