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Fashion Talent Showcase

The Fashion Talent Show is one of Caribsa’s biggest events. This year marks our 11th anniversary. The show consists of talents, models, dancers, and fashion. Each year FTS tackles the challenge of breaking barriers within the cultural community by bringing all Caribbean backgrounds together as one. The director for the 11th annual fashion show is Shanelle Benjamin and this year’s theme is “Survivor: Clash of the Islands. We encourage you to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at UF_FTS2014. There you will find more information about our upcoming events. Stay tuned FTS is coming near you!

The philanthropy for this year's show is Caribbean Returning Nationals Foundation (CRNF). Founded in 2012, CRNF is a nonprofit organization that was established to help people in the United States give back to their home country in the Caribbean. CRNF partners with international and local humanitarian agencies in the Caribbean as well, to provide assistance to communities. Their services include donating tutorial services, clothes, educational supplies, toiletries and other essential items.  More than that CRNF does investments throughout the Caribbean, engages in government relations and provides networking working opportunities of Caribbean natives.

And if you haven't seen our promo video yet....check it out!